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Ethnicity and gender at work

Inequalities, careers and employment relations

Harriet Bradley og Geraldine Healy

Palgrave 2008, 272 s. ISBN 9781403991751
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This book provides an authoritative account of ethnicity and gender in the workplace. It will be essential reading for scholars and policy makers concerned with inequalities, career and employment relations, but its distinction is to show how these factors intertwine in people’s lives. It maps the nature of inequalities drawing on a range of international data sources, and provides a valuable account of theoretical underpinning explanations. The intersectionality of ethnicity, gender and class is shown to be central to a full understanding of social processes in the workplace, the community and the family and in the ways in which racism and sexism are constructed and reproduced. The book provides an in-depth analysis of the role of the state, employers and trade
unions in challenging inequalities in the workplace and it critically appraises their approaches to equal opportunities and diversity management. The book offers unique insights into the experience of black and minority ethnic women who work in a wide range of organisations and are active trade union members. The stories of the women interviewed for this research project are brought to life through their discussions of experiences of inclusion and exclusion from the workplace, the link between trade unions and their career development, and the crucial role of work, unions, communities and families in the women’s lives.

Few subjects could be judged more vital to current policy debates than the prospects for work and employment. The Future of Work series, edited by Professor Peter Nolan, Director of the ESRC Future of Work Programme, provides the much needed evidence and theoretical advances to enhance our understanding of the critical developments most likely to impact on people’s working lives.
Ethnicity and Gender in the Labour Market
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Challenging Discrimination, Sexism and Racism: the Role of the State
Employers: Key Agents of Transformation?
Towards Transformation: Trade Union Strategies.
The Women and their Stories
Inclusion and Exclusion in the Workplace
Career and Career Development
Shaping Careers from a Trade Union Perspective
Unions, Communities and Families in Women’s Lives

Author Biographies

HARRIET BRADLEY is Professor of Sociology and former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law at Bristol University. Her research interests includegender, women’s work and trade unions, and she is an active member of the Universities and Colleges Union. Among her previous books are Gender, Gender and Power in the Workplace and Fractured Identities.

GERALDINE HEALY is Professor of Employment Relations and Director of the Centre for Research in Equality and Diversity in the School of Business Management at Queen Mary, University of London. She has published widely on gender and ethnicity and trade unions; discrimination and disadvantage; individualism and collectivism, and is co-editor of The Future of Worker Representation.