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Workplace envy

Bénédicte Vidaillet

Palgrave 2008, 176 s. ISBN 9780230205499
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Workplace envy can affect everyone: everyone is likely to feel, observe, or be the victim of envy in the workplace at some point in their career. This book argues that envy is an omnipresent emotion in contemporary organizations but that it often hides behind systems associated with other causes. Any types of dysfunction can be seen in a new light with the realisation that they are the consequences of envy. It explores what is likely to reinforce envy in the workplace and turn it into a toxic emotion, and how a sense of failure and inferiority can arise in environments in which only performance and success are valued. With this in mind, Workplace Envy offers possible solutions to prevent envy from developing in such a way that is becomes harmful to an organization.
The complexity of envy
The effects of envy on the organization
Envy, desire and mimetism
How management systems produce envy
Envy and narcissism in contemporary organizations
Identifying situations that might generate envy, so as to avoid emotional toxicity
Healthier organizations

Author Biographies
BÉNÉDICTE VIDAILLET is Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the Institute for Business Administration at the University of Lille, France. Her research focuses on irrationality in organizational decision making as well as on emotion at work.