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Exploring identity

Alison Pullen, Nic Beech og David Sims

Palgrave 2007, 368 s. ISBN 9781403989833
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Exploring Identity brings together leading thinkers from around the world in an exploration of identity as a key concept in understanding the dynamics of organizations and the people who inhabit them. It develops key themes in current research and demonstrates the significance of identity studies to the real world.
Introduction: You, Me, Us and Identity: Introducing Exploring Identity
The Obscure Subject of Consumer Identity; M.Saren
Identity and Personal Branding; C.Oswick & M.Robertson
The Metaphorical Construction of Organizational Identity; J.Cornelissen
Identification: Organizations and Structuralisms; M.Parker
Control, Resistance and Surveillance; C.Rhodes, R.Iedema & H.Scheeres
As Leadership Dies: Cases of Individual and Group Identity Destruction and Construction; A.Carr & C.Lapp
Identity Work, Managing and Researching; T.Watson
Working Out: Lesbian and Gay Identity in the Workplace; J.Ward & D.Winstanley
Choreographies of Identities; N.Slutskaya & S.Schreven
Disidentity; S.Harney & N.Nyathi
Large Scale Identity Research and Cognitive Mapping; G.Clarkson
Action Research and Identity; J.Wolfram-Cox & B.Cooke
Identity Trajectories in Participative Organizational Research; P.Hibbert, R.MacIntosh & P.McInnes
Exploring Collective Identity through Ethnography and Music; S.Linstead
Interviews and Identity; C.Coupland
Narrative Methods for Identity Research; N.Beech & D.Sims
Negotiating Identities of Consumption: Insights from Conversation Analysis; N.Llewellyn & R.Burrow
Gendering the Research Self; A.Pullen
The Cartography of a Life; A.Pitsis
Author Biographies
ALISON PULLEN works at The University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, and holds an Honorary Fellowship at The University of Bristol, UK.

NIC BEECH is Professor of Management at St Andrews University, UK, and Visiting Professor at Strathclyde University, UK.

DAVID SIMS is Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Associate Dean, and Director of the Centre for Leadership, Learning and Change at Cass Business School, City University, London, UK.