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Governments and corporate social responsibility

Public policies beyond regulation and voluntary compliance

Josep M. Lozano, Laura Albareda, Tamyko Ysa, Heike Roscher og Manila Marcuccio

Palgrave 2007, 224 s. ISBN 9780230525566
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This book places the analysis of CSR public policies beyond regulation and voluntary compliance and presents an analytical framework for understanding how governments develop and design CSR policies. The research analyses and compares CSR public policies in 15 European Union countries. As a result of this research the authors have defined four models of CSR public policies which exist in the European Union. The agendas of themes and instruments implemented by governments to promote CSR are analyzed from a relational perspective. This encompasses the relationships between all the various stakeholders (governments, businesses and civil society) taking into account the socioeconomic context in which these relationships stand.
Governments and corporate social responsibility: context, aim and perspectives
A relational governance approach to analysing public policies on corporate social responsibility
European Union: from the Green Paper to the European Alliance on CSR
The Partnership model: Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden
The Business in the Community model: the UK and Ireland
The Sustainability and Citizenship model: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg
The Agora model: Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain,
The role of international and intermediary organisations


Author Biographies
LAURA ALBAREDA Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Social Sciences at ESADE Business School, Spain. Her research interests include corporate social responsibility, business ethics, and global governance and public authorities.

JOSEP M.LOZANO Professor and Senior Researcher in Corporate Social Responsibility at ESADE Business School, Spain, where he teaches on the MBA, Executive MBA, and Senior Executive Program. His research interests span corporate social responsibility, leadership, and values and organizations.

TAMYKO YSA Assistant Professor in the Institute of Public Management at ESADE Business School, Spain. Her research interests include public management, public-private partnerships and new forms of governance.

HEIKE ROSCHER PhD Candidate at ESADE Business School, Spain.

MANILA MARCUCCIO Senior Lecturer in the Public Administration Department at ESADE Business School, Spain. Her research interests include management accounting, public management and social responsibility.