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Women and employment

Changing lives and new challenges

Jacqueline Scott, Shirley Dex og Heather Joshi

Edward Elgar 2008, ca. 400 s. ISBN 9781847202499
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‘This collection will be an invaluable resource for anyone concerned with changes in women’s employment over the last twenty-five years. Authoritative and up to date, it is simultaneously wide-ranging and focused, analytical and policy oriented. The editors have brought together the knowledge of many renowned experts to reflect on labour market developments and gendered employment. Attention to transitions across the life course is a particularly welcome feature of the book, as is the linking of employment studies with family research.’

How is women’s employment shaped by family and domestic responsibilities? This book, written by leading experts in the field, examines twenty-five years of change in women’s employment and addresses the challenges facing women today.

The authors offer an innovative analysis of how global changes including new migration processes, educational expansion, transnational labour markets, technological advances and the global economy affect women’s labour market experiences. They tackle issues relevant for future change, including gender inequalities and ethnic diversities, and confront contentious questions such as what is meant by work–life balance. The book provides new empirical research that both advances our understanding of the challenges posed by women’s employment in our changing society and draws out the policy lessons that could improve economic and social wellbeing.

Providing dynamic analysis of employment–family inter relationships, Women and Employment will be of great relevance to social scientists and academics interested in employment and family as well as policymakers concerned with changing women’s employment.

– Miriam Glucksmann, University of Essex, UK
Contents: Preface: Changing Lives and New Challenges Part I: Women and Employment: Assessing Progress on Equality Part II: Dynamics of Employment and Family Across the Life Course Part III: Work–Life Balance Part IV: Ways Forward Contributors include: A. Batnitzky, R. Crompton, A. Dale, S. Deakin, S. Dex, S. Dyer, P. Elias, J. Ermisch, C. Fagan, S. Harkness, S. Himmelweit, H. Joshi, J. Lewis, J. Lindley, C. Lyonette, J. Martin, L. McDowell, C. McLaughlin, S. McRae, D. Perrons, K. Purcell, A. Rafferty, K. Ray, C. Roberts, J. Rubery, J. Scott, K. Ward