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The state at work, volume 1

Public sector employment in ten western countries

Hans-Ulrich Derlien og B. Guy Peters

Edward Elgar 2008, ca. 320 s. ISBN 9781843765165
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Representing the most extensive research on public employment, these two volumes explore the radical changes that have taken place in the configuration of national public services due to a general expansion of public employment that was followed by stagnation and decreases. Part-time employment and the involvement of women also increased as a component of the public sector and were linked to the most important growth areas such as the educational, health care and personal social services sectors. The two volumes that make up this study shed important insight on these changes.

Volume 1 offers a unique internationally comparative multi-dimensional analysis of ten public service systems belonging to different families of major advanced western countries. It contains the most comprehensive and comparable quantitative analyses available anywhere of ten public service systems; Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the US, Germany, Spain, France, Denmark and Sweden.

Volume 2 is a comprehensive analysis of the ten public service systems, with in-depth comparisons of the systems along eight dimensions including central-regional-local government employment proportions and the change of the services since the 1950s with respect to social composition (gender, minorities, elites, career groups).

Scholars and professionals in the fields of public administration, politics and economics will find this two-volume compendium informative and practical.


1. Introduction: The State at Work
Hans-Ulrich Derlien and B. Guy Peters

2. Public Employment in Britain: From Working in to Working
for the Public Sector?
Brian W. Hogwood

3. Breaking Sharply with the Past: Government Employment in New Zealand
Robert Gregory

4. Public Employment in Australia: In Competition with the Market
Helen Nelson

5. Public Employment in Canada: Downsizing in a Multi-layered State
James Iain Gow and Sharon L. Sutherland

6. Public Employment in the United States: Building the State from the Bottom Up
B. Guy Peters

7. The German Public Service: Between Tradition and Transformation
Hans-Ulrich Derlien

8. Working for the Government in Spain: From Authoritarian Centralism to Democratic Political Devolution
Carlos R. Alba and Carmen Navarro

9. The French Paradox: A Huge but Fragmented Public Service
Luc Rouban

10. The Political Allocation of Incessant Growth in the Danish Public Service
Lotte Bøgh Andersen, Jørgen Grønnegaard Christensen and Thomas Pallesen

11. The Welfare State is Female: Trends in Public Sector Employment in Sweden
Jon Pierre

12. Conclusion
Hans-Ulrich Derlien