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Restructuring work and employment in Europe

Managing change in an era of globalisation

Bernard Gazier og Frédéric Bruggeman

Edward Elgar 2008, ca. 424 s. ISBN 9781847205698
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This detailed, comprehensive study on downsizing in Europe is underpinned by cross-national, interdisciplinary empirical research on restructuring management in five European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. It contains systematic national comparative overviews, and transversal analyses of more than 30 in-depth case studies, taking into account a broad range of perspectives across professional human resources managers, unions’ representatives, local and national civil servants, social workers and physicians. The authors examine strategic choices and practices in national and local contexts, showing that the practice of restructuring is not as heterogeneous as many previous studies have indicated or predicted. Systematic policy proposals for better economic and social management of restructuring are also prescribed.

This team of well-known economists and social scientists have prepared a book that will appeal to consultants and human resource managers and employees, especially in transnational firms, as well as to students in industrial relations, in labour economics, and in sociology. It will also be of special interest to members of the European Commission and policymakers involved in employment and social affairs.


Frédéric Bruggeman and Bernard Gazier

1. Comparing Restructuring Processes Across European Countries Bernard Gazier

2. The Restructuring Process: Towards a Comprehensive Analysis
Dominique Paucard

3. Restructuring and Innovation: From Employment Protection to Anticipation and Employability Measures
Frédéric Bruggeman

4. Restructuring in Belgium: A Corporatist Regime
Frédéric Naedenoen

5. Restructuring in France: Law Driven Restructuring
Maxime Petrovski, Rachel Beaujolin-Bellet, Frédéric Bruggeman and Claude-Emmanuel Triomphe

6. Germany: Negotiated Restructuring
Matthias Knuth and Gernot Mühge

7. The Swedish Model of Restructuring
Ola Bergström and Andreas Diedrich

8. United Kingdom: Market Driven Restructuring
Sian Moore and Geof Luton

9. Innovative Restructuring – Learning from Company Experience
Ola Bergström and Andreas Diedrich

10. The Role of European Trade Unions in Organisational Restructuring Processes – Obstacles or Facilitators?
Sian Moore, Greg Thomson and Geof Luton

11. Supporting Job Transitions: The Roles of Employers, Worker Representatives, Public and Private Agencies
Matthias Knuth

12. The Territory: An Innovation Laboratory for Steering Multi-actor Restructuring
Rachel Beaujolin-Bellet

13. The Network Business in the Face of Restructuring: The Case of Employers’ Groups
Gelica Dalon and François Pichault

14. Health Impact of Enterprise Restructuring: Innovative Approaches in Organisations
Thomas Kieselbach and Debora Jeske

15. Does Europe have Restructuring Policies?
Claude Emmanuel Triomphe

Frédéric Bruggeman and Bernard Gazier