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Unions in a Globalized Environment

Changing Borders, Organizational Boundaries, and Social Roles

Bruce Nissen

M.E. Sharpe 2002
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

How can American unions survive in our increasingly globalized business environment? With the trend toward multinational corporations, free trade pacts, and dismantling import barriers, organized labor has been steadily losing ground in the United States. To reverse this trend, this book argues that U.S. unions must create ties with workers and unions in other countries, and include the ever-increasing number of immigrant workers in their ranks. It calls for a shift toward "social movement unionism," which would change unions' orientation from exclusively market-focused and more toward social issues and rights. The first two parts of the book examine union attempts at cross-border solidarity with workers and unions abroad, and unions' relations with immigrants. Expanding on these ideas, the third section explores the types of internal transformations needed to revitalize the flagging U.S. labor movement. Chapter authors include Bruce Nissen, Steve Babson, Henry Frundt, Jeff Rechenbach and Larry Cohen, Ruth Milkman, Bruce Nissen and Guillermo Grenier, Fernando Gapasin and Edna Bonacich, Ian Robinson, and Paul Johnston. M.E. Sharpe's website: