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Competing claims in work and family life

Tanja van der Lippe og Pascale Peters

Edward Elgar 2007, 296 s. ISBN 978184542751
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Competing claims on time in work and family life have become inherent, unavoidable features of the Western world. As households increasingly juggle competing responsibilities, and as job expectations and parenting standards intensify, many people feel torn between work and family. This book aims to deepen our understanding of a variety of conditions that influence the successes and difficulties experienced in attempting to equally accommodate both work and private lives.
Contents: Preface Part I: Trends in Time Use and Time Pressure Part II: Workplace and Household Related Causes Part III: Organizational and Household Solutions to Time Pressure Index Contributors: K. Breedveld, E. de Ruijter, M. Garhammer, A.C. Glebbeek, C. Hilgeman, C. Hillebrink, S. Lewis, S. Lindenberg, M. Moens, P.L. Mokhtarian, D.T. Ory, P. Peters, B. Pouwels, L.C. Sayer, J. Schippers, J. Siegers, P. Standen, K.G. Tijdens, J. Treas, T. van der Lippe, A. van Doorne-Huiskes, P. van Echtelt, R. Wielers, R. Wittek, P. Wotschack