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Organizing and reorganizing

Power and change in health care organizations

Lorna McKee, Ewan Ferlie og Paula Hyde

Palgrave 2008, 272 s.
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Why are health care services in so many countries undergoing so much reorganization? What are the long term effects of such managerial restructuring? How might we start to make an assessment of such effects? This book brings together a group of international authors to examine these themes and offer a vital insight into organizing and reorganizing in health care.  
The handling of organizational politics, power and change is revealed as a core aspect of effective reorganizations which are not a simple or linear process. They may also generate unpredictable effects.  
Using social scientific and research-based perspectives to place current policy themes in a broader context this book will be of interest to health management scholars, advanced students and reflective policy makers as well as practitioners internationally.  
Organizing and Reorganizing is the fifth title in an ongoing series dating from 1998. The contents and focus of each of the previous books have been drawn from the best of the papers presented at the International Conferences on Organizational Behaviour in Health Care. To date both the conferences and the book series represent an important compilation of what is known about organizational behaviour in health care. As such, the series is seen as a critically important repository of the literature and best practice in the field.


Introduction; L.McKee, E.Ferlie & P.Hyde
Medicine and Management in English Primary Care: A Shifting balance of Power; R.Sheaff
Processes of Change in the Reconfiguration of Hospital Services: The Role of Stakeholder Involvement; N.Fulop, Perri 6 & P.Spurgeon
Hospital Sector Organizational Restructuring: Evidence of its Futility; J. Braithwaite, M.T.Westbrook, D.Hindle & R.A.Iedema
Decentralization as a Means to Reorganize Health-Care in England: From Theory to Practice; M.Exworthy & I.Greener
Va Va Voom, Size Doesn't Matter: Form and Function in the NHS; J.Schofield, R.Sheaff, R.Mannion, B.Dowling, M.Marshall & R.McNally
Evidence-Based Management: The Power of Evidence or Evidence of Power; M.Learmonth
'Speaking Truth to Power': On the Discomforts of Researching the Contemporary Policy Process; D.J.Hunter
It's Part of the Job: Health Care Restructuring and the health and Safety of Nursery Aides; M.J.O'Sullivan, E.Siqueira, K.Sperrazza, A.Koren, K.D.Melillo, L.A.Hoff, E.M.White-O'Sullivan & C.Slatin
Chasing Chameleons, Chimeras and Caterpillers: Evaluating an Organizational Innovation in the National Health Service; C.Pope, A.Le May & J.Gabbay
Engaging the Public Voice in Health Care Decision Making; A.Casebeer, G.MacKean, J.Abelson, B.Maloff, R.Musto & P.G.Forest
The Swampy Lowland: Using Hyperlinks to Navigate the Multiple Realities of Partnership; M.Macalpine & S.Marsh 
Systems Thinking for Knowledge Integration: New Models for Policy-Research Collaboration; A.Best, W.K.Trochim, J.Haggerty, G.Moor & C.Norman                              
Strategies of Persuasion: The Efforts of Nurse Practitioners in Institutionalizing a New Role; T.Reay & K.Golden-Biddle
Knowledge to Action? The Implications for Policy and Practice of Research on Innovation Processes; L.Fitzgerald, S.Dopson, E.Ferlie & L.Locock
Is the Best Defence a Good Offense? Marketing of Quality by U.S Nursing Homes; J.Banaszak-Holl, J.G.Calhoun & L.R.Hearld
Models of Medical Work Control: A Theory Elaboration from English General Practice; M.Kitchener & M.Exworthy