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The Common Nordic Labour Market at 50

Peder J. Pedersen, Marianne Røed og Eskil Wadensjö

Nordisk Ministerråd 2008. TemaNord 2008:506. 127 s.
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

In 1954 the Nordic countries entered a formal agreement on free labour mobility. Migration profiles have changed very much over the years since then. The Nordic agreement on free mobility is however still a clear advantage, both for the affected individuals and for the participating countries.
The report contains a survey of earlier studies of the impact from the Nordic labour market agreement, followed by a broad description of the actual mobility over the 50 years since 1954. Next, the report surveys the actual factors behind the intra-Nordic mobility with special emphasis on cyclical differences between the countries. This is followed by in-depth analyses of characteristics of intra-Nordic migrants compared with people migrating out of the Nordic area.