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Mobility and technology in the workspace

Donald Hislop

Routledge 2008. 256 s.
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The contemporary period has witnessed the rapid evolution in a wide range of mobile technology. This book charts the profound implications these technological changes have for workers and business organizations. From an organizational point of view they have the potential to transform the nature of organizations, through allowing workers to be increasingly mobile. From the perspective of workers these changes have the potential to impact on their work-related communications, how they manage the increasingly blurred public-private divide, and the nature of the home-work boundary.

These chapters provide a detailed insight into these issues through bringing together an international collection of contemporary studies and analysis and taking a critical perspective towards some of the advertised myths regarding mobile technology usage. Issues covered include:

  • Travel and changing nature of spatial mobility patterns.

  • Work-Space and Place and the ‘leaking’ out of organizations into more public domains.

  • Mobile Work Practices including detailed and heterogeneous case studies.

  • Home-work dynamics and the changing nature of the home-work boundary.

  • Implications for Public Policy
Contents, 1. Introduction, Donald Hislop, Work Space/Place, 2. Working on the move: Subverting the logic of non-space, John Holm & Gavin Kendall, 3. Working on the Move: The Social and Digital Ecologies of Mobile Work Places, Laura Forlano, 4. Voluntary ghettos and mobile bureaucracy: Civic activity and acts of citizenship under threat, Tommy Jensen, Work-Related Travel, 5. Travelling to Work: A Century of Change, Colin G. Pooley, 6. The Business of Train Travel: A Matter of Time Use, Glenn Lyons, David Holley & Juliet Jain, 7. Geographies of Business Travel in the Professional Service Economy, James R. Faulconbridge & Jon V. Beaverstock, Mobile Work Practices, 8. The Lonely Life of the Mobile Engineer?, Carolyn Axtell & Donald Hislop, 9. Re-Space-ing Place: Towards Mobile Support for Near Diagnostics, Mikael Wiberg, 10. 420 Years of Mobility ICT Enabled Mobile Interdependencies in London Hackney Cab Work, Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood & Carsten Sorensen, 11. Context Matters: Un-ubiquitous Use of Mobile Technologies by the Police, Daniel Pica & Carsten Sorensen, Home Work Dynamics, 12. Mobile Phones, Spillover and the ‘Work-Life Balance,’ Diannah Lowry & Megan Moskos, 13. Freedom and Flexibility with a Ball and Chain: Managers and their Use of Mobile Phones, Keith Townsend & Lyn Batchelor, 14. Travel, availability and work-life balance, Ann Bergman & Per Gustafson, 15. Do Mobile Technologies Enable Work-Life Balance? Dual Perspectives on BlackBerry Usage for Supplemental Work, Catherine Middleton, Public Policy, 16. Mobile Work and Challenges for Public Policy, Dan Wheatley, Irene Hardill, Anne Green