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Managerialism, public sector reform and industrial relations

The state at work

Peter Fairbrother

Routledge 2008. 288 s.
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This book addresses the key debates about public services reform in the last decade. The focus is on providing a detailed and critical analysis of both the restructuring of the public services, the emergence of a more managerially-organised public service and trade union responses to those developments.
The main aims fo the book are to open up the debates about the restructuring of the central administrative structures in two liberal democratic states, to provide a rigorous empirical basis to studies about public service reform and to lay the foundation for addressing arguments about the relationship between restructuring of modern states and trade union responses to these processes.
Table of Contents

1. Opening Up the State Part 1: Setting the Scene 2. Management and Trade Unions: A Conceptual Analysis 3. Pathways to Change 4. Addressing Change: Public Service Trade Unions Part 2: The New Public Services 5. Reorganising Public Service Management: Fads and Fashions 6. Work Organisation and Activity in the Public Services 7. Working with Citizens or for Customers?: Public Service Delivery and the ‘Customer Focus’ Part 3: Negotiation, Bargaining and Representation 8. The State and State Industrial Relations 9. Representing the Future of State Workers Part 4: 10. Conclusion