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Trade unions and workplace training

International perspectives

Richard Cooney og Mark Stuart

Routledge 2008. 288 s.
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This book examines contemporary trade union approaches to vocational education, workplace training and skill development. It explores the role that unions have played in the reform of vocational education and training systems; the nature of union involvement in consultative mechanisms at a national and industry level; the nature of union involvement in skill formation at the workplace, and the development of mechanisms for the articulation of employee voice in the design, delivery and assessment of vocational training.
Distinctive, accessible and original, all the chapters are written in a style that illustrates the relevance of academic debates and research data to practice and the book includes a number of the chapters written by Trade union practitioners.

Table of Contents
1. Trade Unions and Vocational Training in Theory and Practice 2. From Spearholders to Stakeholders: The Emerging Role of Unions in the UK Learning and Skills System 3. Employee Voice, Workplace Training and Employability in Britain 4. Towards a Modern VET System: The Experience of Unions in Australia 5. Trade Unions and Workplace Training in Australia 6. The Place of Intermediate-Level Institutions in a Decentralised Industrial Relations System: A Canadian Perspective in the Field of Training 7. Trade Unions and Workplace Training in France 8. Trade Unions and Workplace Training in Germany 9. Trade Union Involvement in Learning Policy and Practice in Norway 10. Australian Trade Union Views of Lifelong Learning and the World of Work 11. Developing Learning Partnerships as a Response to Restructuring: Innovation Across the European Union 12. The Dynamics of Regulation, Innovation and ‘New’ Trade Union Solidarities around Training and Learning