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International Human Ressource Management

A European perspective

Michael Dieckmann, Paul Sparrow og Chris Brewster

Routledge 2008. 344 s.
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Conducting business across national borders is nothing new; the Knights Templar were banking internationally as long ago as 1135. But modern globalization processes raise different challenges, and as the world becomes smaller and labour movements more common, an international understanding of human resource management is essential.

The second edition of International HRM provides a fully updated and revised analysis of this important area. Its innovative, multi-disciplinary approach allows a holistic picture to emerge in which key issues are assessed from organizational, individual and societal perspectives. The collection is divided into three parts:

  • the contemporary internationalization context
  • the management of international employees
  • strategic issues facing international HR managers.

Supported by new research, and including work from eminent writers in the field, this book discusses issues as diverse as the relative absence of women in international work, the ethical merits of localization, and the context faced by organizations like the United Nations. It is a valuable tool for all students, researchers and practitioners working in international business and human resource management.

Table of Contents

Second Edition: 1. A European Persepective on IHRM: An Introduction 2. Localization: A Strategic Response to Globalization 3. HR Sourcing and Shoring: Strategies, Drivers, Success Factors and Implications for HR 4. The Transfer of Strategic HR Know-how in MNCS: Mechanisms, Barriers and Initiatives 5. Resourcing International Assignees 6. An Integrative Framework for Expatriate Preparation and Training 7. Expatriate Adjustment: A More Nuanced View 8. Rewards for Internationally Mobile Employees 9. Repatriation: The End or the Middle? 10. Careers and Expatriation 11. Modern Forms of International Working 12. Capitalizing on an International Career: Career Capital Perspectives 13. Women on International Assignments 14. HRM and International Organizations

About the editors

Michael Dickmann is a Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at the Cranfield School of Management and Director of the Masters in International HRM. Michael has published widely on international HR strategies, structures, international mobility and global career topics and has consulted with many multinational corporations and inter-governmental organizations.

Chris Brewster is Professor of International Human Resource Management at University of Reading, UK. He has conducted extensive research in the field of international and comparative HRM and published over 20 books and more than 100 articles.

Paul Sparrow is the Director of the Centre for Performance-led HR and Professor of International Human Resource Management at Lancaster University Management School, UK. He has consulted with major multinationals, public sector organisations and inter-governmental agencies, is on the US Academy of Management's HR Division and a member of the Human Capital Institute's Global Talent Management Panel.