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Flexibility and employment security in Europe

Labour markets in transition

Ruud J.A. Muffels

Edward Elgar Publishing 2008. 424 s.
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

‘In this volume, Ruud Muffels presents carefully selected articles that are at the ultimate forefront of professional studies on “transitional labour markets” and “flexicurity”. It is a must for all scholars interested in rigorous analysis of labour market dynamics and a rich source for all people interested in modern employment policy over the life course. The book concludes with a brilliant epilogue by the editor about the state and future of flexibility and employment security in Europe.’
– Günther Schmid, Social Science Research Centre Berlin (WZB), Germany
Contents: Preface Part I: Labour Market Mobility and In-Work Transitions Part II: ‘Scarring’ Effects of Unemployment and Non-Standard Employment Part III: ‘Best Policy Practices’ in Australia, Canada and Denmark Index Contributors: J.-C. Barbier, G. Bijwaard, M. Booghmans, J. de Koning, A. Debels, D. Fouarge, M. Gangl, V. Hernanz, R. Luijkx, P.K. Madsen, A.C. Masi, N. Meager, R. Muffels, F. Origo, D. Parent, M. Samek Lodovici, P. Stricker, L. Toharia, A. van den Berg, B. van Dijk, S. van Gils, C. Vermandere, C.-H. von Restorff, S. Ziguras