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Labour flexibility

a factor of the economic and social performance of Finland in the 1990s

Pertti Koistinen og Werner Sengenberger

Tammerfors, Tampere University Press, 2002, 289 s. ISBN 951-44-5397-2
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For Finland, the 1990s was a decade of dramatic change of the economy and politics. The political decision-makers, institutions and individuals were confronted with the need to adapt to new economic circumstances. A national strategy and various related policies had to be developed to recover from the economic crisis that would allow the country to return to its previous path of high economic growth. One of the big challenges was to find a new synthesis between a more flexible use of the country’s labour resources and employment and income security for the workers. In trying to find an innovative solution the country faced the new realities of international economic and political integration: How much autonomy is left for national action when markets are globalized and when policies have to be embedded in a European policy framework? This book provides a diagnosis, an assessment recent development in Finland during the 1990s. This is a demanding task since this decade covers the years cyclical fluctuations which spilled over to areas of the social life. The book provides an new and empirically verified argument for the miracle of societal change of Finland. It provides interesting reading for those who are interested in economic and social policies and regional and labour market policies especially.