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Managing employment change

the new realities of work

Huw Beynon

Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2002, 342 s. ISBN 0-19-924870-2
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This book looks at how large organizations have managed and adapted to changing conditions of employment shaped by the recent economic and political environment. Additional data are presented based on evidence from other significant actors such as agency employment firms and trade unions. The book also engages with important North American debates on the changing nature of work, careers, and employment.

Readership: Scholars and postgraduate students in the fields of management, economics, sociology, industrial relations, and human resource management; policy makers; HR professionals; trade unions
Part I: Managing Employment Change in a Shifting Environment
1 Understanding Change at Work
2 Seven Case Studies: An Introduction
3 Patterns of Work and Labour
Part II: Innovation in Employment Practices
4 Dimensions of Employment Change
5 Staffing the Organization: New Patterns of Entry and Exit
6 Bridging the Skills Gap? New Training Provision and Work Organization
7 The End of Standard Working Time?
Part III: The Costs of Change
8 Drawing Together the Threads: A Question of Labour Costs and Work Intensification
9 Work Intensification and Forms of Control
Conclusion. Managing Employment Change: Who's Managing What?