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The open corporation

effective self-regulation and democracy

Christine Parker

New York, Cambridge University Press, 2002, 362 s. ISBN 0-521-81890-7
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The Open Corporation sets out an innovative and realistic blueprint for effective corporate self-regulation, offering practical strategies for managers, stakeholders and regulators to build successful self-regulation management systems. Christine Parker examines the conditions under which corporate self-regulation of social and legal responsibilities is likely to be effective, covering a wide range of areas - from consumer protection to sexual harassment to environmental compliance. Focusing on the features that make self-regulation or compliance management systems effective, Parker argues that law and regulators need to focus much more on 'meta-regulating' corporate self-regulation if democratic control over corporate action is to be established. For Parker, the ideal of the open corporation should be a union between government, democracy and the law.


1. Introduction: corporate self-regulation in the new regulatory state; 2. The potential for self-regulation: corporate compliance and social responsiveness; 3. Motivating top management commitment to self-regulation; 4. Cultivating self-regulation leadership; 5. Making harmony: the methodology of self-regulation professionals; 6. Pathologies of self-regulation; 7. Model corporate citizens: the role of self-regulation professionals; 8. The open corporation: the three strategies of permeability; 9. Meta-regulation: the regulation of self-regulation; 10. Conclusion.