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Managing workplace health

Sweden meets Europe

Ewa Menckel og Lars Österblom

Stockholm, Arbetslivsinstitutet, 2002, 139 s.
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

A healthy, motivated and skilled workforce is fundamental to the future social and ergonomic well-being of the European Union. It is also one of the foundations of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion, in which all 15 Member States and a string of other European countries are represented.

This book is aimed at everyone interested in the development of workplace health promotion – superiors and subordinates, trade union representatives, the personnel of Occupational Health Services, persons in charge of work environment issues, and students. It is envisaged as a working tool, which covers both topical research in the arena and a series of examples.

The key words in the book are leadership, resources and empowerment. Special attention is paid to how processes of change are managed in an environment characterised by an ever increasing rate of charge.

Experiences from the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion are reported. The emphasis in the presentation lies on Swedish experiences, in particular on the examples that have been highlighted in the Network´s project “Models of Good Practice”. Follow-ups of these examples are presented alongside two training programs in health promotion of work for managers and employees.

The book concludes with some ethical reflections by the authors with regard to efforts made in the field of the work environment. Experiences of Swedish activities are summarised, and some trends in Europe and young people´s views on their working life are discussed