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Arbeit - Umwelt - Wachstum

Nachhaltigkeitsaspekte des sektoralen Strukturwandels

Friedrich Hinterberger og Hermann Schnabel

BoD GmbH, Norderstedt 2002, 315 s. ISBN: 3831135568
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

The book which has been printed by Book-On-Demand presents two main aspects of sustainable development:

- empirical analysis of developments into the direction or away from sustainability

- analysis of the interrelation of economy and environment disaggregated by economic branches.

The book includes methodological and empirical constributions to questions of economy-environment-interrelations by considering economic variables and such of employment and environmental impact. Resource use as an indicator for the impact of societies to the environment is out into ralation to sozial and mikro-and makroeconomic indicators.