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Irregular Migration

The Dilemmas of Transnational Mobility

Bill Jordan og Franck Düvell

Edward Elgar 2002 c 296 s. ISBN 1 84375 27 4
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

‘Europe’s governments are stepping up their fight against irregular migration. Jordan and Düvell challenge this agenda. They provide empirical evidence for the complexity of the phenomenon and new theoretical perspectives on the political and moral dilemmas of immigration control. This is an important contribution that ought to be read not only by social scientists. If policymakers had time to read books I would recommend this one.’

– Rainer Bauböck, Austrian Academy of Science, Austria

Irregular Migration is an extremely timely and topical book, analysing the fundamental tensions at the core of present attempts to manage the movement of population in today’s world. Recent events around the globe have prompted a reappraisal of the emerging consensus on migration control.

Business demands free movement while nations fear unregulated population flows. The replacement of immigration control with migration management is the aim of First World governments as irregular migration challenges states’ attempts to find a balance between recruitment of labour, humanitarian protection and national security.



Introduction: Theoretical Framework and Plan of the Book Part I: Mobility and its Regulation 1. Irregular Migration and Mobility in Economic Theory 2. Mobility and Migration in the European Union 3. Irregular Migration, Labour Markets and Social Protection Part II: The UK as a Case Study 4. Why They Come 5. How They Survive 6. The Role of Support Organisations Part III: The Response of the Receiving Society 7. Internal Controls and Enforcement: Immigration Authorities and the Police 8. Irregular Migration and the Public Services 9. Recruitment of Labour from Abroad 10. In Search of Global Justice Bibliography Index