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The Social Dimensions Of Employment

Institutional Reforms in Labour Markets

Antonio Argandona og Jordi Gual

Edward Elgar 2002 c. 176 s. ISBN 1 84376 070 3
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The contributions to this timely volume explores the social implications of labour market reforms, and assess the complex relationship between the economic and non-economic aspects of labour institutions. The authors ascertain that labour market systems have important social dimensions, including social benefits and effects on psychological well-being and on social relationships. They go on to argue that the evaluation of reforms should take into consideration this social impact.

The book examines the requirements for increased flexibility in contractual associations whilst maintaining social protection and job security. Using new utility criteria, guidelines for evaluating labour market and social protection system reform policies are recommended.



Introduction: The Social Dimension of Employment: Institutional Reforms in the Labour Markets 1. The Welfare State and Employment 2. Can Reform of the Employment Relationship Help Create Jobs? 3. The Social Dimensions of Labour Market Institutions 4. Recent Trends in Occupational Segregation by Gender: A Look Across the Atlantic 5. Wellbeing at Work Index Contributors include: A. ArgandoƱa, A. Atkinson, S. Bentolila, O. Bover, R. Caminal, J.J. Dolado, F. Felgueroso, J.A. Herce, J.F. Jimeno, D. Marsden, A. Oswald, L. Toharia