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Nonlinear Models, Labour Markets And Exchange

Introductory Surveys in Economics, Volume II

John Creedy

Edward Elgar 2002 240 s. ISBN 1 84376 019 3
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Nonlinear Models, Labour Markets and Exchange offers a number of broad introductory surveys in the areas of nonlinear modelling, labour economics and the economic analysis of exchange. This collection of articles consists largely of recently published refereed papers.

The early chapters provide an introduction to the analysis of ‘chaos and strange attractors’ and the use of the very flexible generalised exponential family of frequency distributions in analysing both time series and cross-sectional distributions. The volume then provides syntheses of the theories of internal labour markets, trade union bargaining, and population ageing and its implications. It goes on to survey a range of topics in the broad area of the theory of exchange, which is central to the neoclassical economic model. Finally, the book provides some advice for students who are about to start their first piece of research. It ends with a unique survey of the history of economic analysis.



Part I: Nonlinear Models Part II: Labour Markets Part III: Demand and Exchange Part IV: A Mixture Index