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Essays In Economic Theory, Growth And Labor Markets

A Festschrift in Honor of E. Drandakis

George Bitros og Yannis Katsoulacos

Edward Elgar 2002 320 s. ISBN 1 84064 739 6
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The distinguished contributors in this volume provide a variety of essays, which are written in honor of Emmanuel Drandakis. These essays fall into four uniform areas of economics: economic growth, general equilibrium, labor economics and game theory and applications.

The editors focus on a select set of issues that stand high on the agenda of academic research. They provide fresh insights and approaches to the analysis of these issues, and thus open up wider avenues for our understanding of the dilemmas posed for theory and policy. Readers are offered new empirical evidence on such thorny social problems as, for example, unemployment, the intergenerational transmission of human capital and the response of wages to price and endowment changes.



Preface Part I: Economic Growth Part II: General Equilibrium Part III: Labor Economics Part IV: Game Theory and Applications Index Contributors: B. Allen, C. Azariadis, D.W. Bernotas, G.C. Bitros, A. Bose, S. Dasgupta, J. Dutta, S.L. Engerman, E.G. Flytzanis, J.W. Friedman, D. Glycopantis, Y.M. Ioannides, N. Jain, R.W. Jones, Y. Katsoulacos, L. McKenzie, C. Mezzetti, L.J. Mirman, T. Mitra, W.Y. Oi, E.S. Phelps, H. Polemarchakis, D. Ulph, N.C. Yannelis, G. Zoega