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The Social and Spatial Ecology of Work

The Case of a Survey Research Organization

Rita Gorawara-Bhat

Plenum Publishers 2002
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This book studies both the social organizational specifics and the interior spatial setting of a survey research organization through a combination of social science and architectural research. Using the ethnographic method, the author analyzes how social organizational dimensions are related to the spatial ecology of the workplace and highlights how workers use and alter aspects of their physical surroundings to enrich and give meaning to their work lives.

Foreword by Judith R. Blau. Preface. List of Tables. List of Illustrations. 1. Physical Space and Social Organization in Work Settings. 2. Work Setting at Midwest Survey: Physical Attributes and Social and Psychological Perceptions. 3. Midwest Survey: Adjacency, Tension and the Physical Setting. 4. Workspaces at Midwest Survey. 5. Status, Role, and the Physical Setting at Work. 6. Workspace, Social Interaction and Satisfaction. 7. Towards a Social Psychology of Space Use in Work Settings. Appendices. References.