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Arbetets undergång

nedgången av den globala arbetskraften och gryningen för eftermarknadstiden

Jeremy Rifkin

Stockholm, Matteus media, 2001, 324 s. ISBN 91-973635-0-2
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

Orig:s titel: The end of work (1996)
Rifkin is a social activist and environmentalist who has written a number of provocative books. He has most recently gained attention with his Beyond Beef: The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture (1992), an environmental argument against the cattle industry and eating beef. He now warns of global unemployment due to the technological and information revolutions but suggests that job retraining may be an ill-conceived panacea because the jobs being trained for no longer exist or will not exist in the near future. He describes a workerless "post-market" future and shows how the same technological revolution could be used to foster a new social order in which third sector and community-based organizations take up the tasks of providing basic services and meaningful activity. The alternative, he cautions, is a burgeoning criminal class made up of the marginalized idle. Look for Rifkin to attract attention again.