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Innovations in safety management

addressing career knowledge needs

Fred A. Manuele

New York, Wiley-Interscience, 2001, 251 s. ISBN 0-471-43959-2
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A critical book on the career knowledge needs of safety professionals by an industry expert Based on an exclusive author survey of corporate and divisional safety directors, this principal book on career enhancement and effective performance in safety management expertly covers the competencies necessary for success in this continually transitioning field. The coverage is so extensive, each chapter could be used as the subject of a professional society course.

Innovations in Safety Management establishes a knowledge base of financial management fundamentals to open communications between safety professionals and management. It will facilitate deeper comprehension of executive decision making so that safety strategies can be delivered in business terms. Also, it will assist safety practitioners in establishing personal value within a company and communicating that value to management. Also detailed in this book are:

The theoretical ideal for optimum safety performance
The Safety Decision Hierarchy–placing the hierarchy of controls within tried and proven problem-solving techniques
Why safety practitioners need to know about hazard analysis and risk assessment
A primer on hazard analysis and risk assessment
How to prevent bringing hazards into the workplace
Methodology for extending task analysis to further establish value
A new, three-dimensional risk scoring system
Behavioral safety
A history of the Safety Through Design movement
This book was written with consideration for everyone responsible for safety in all businesses regardless of professional title, including safety practitioners, human relations directors, and management personnel.

About the Author
FRED A. MANUELE is President of Hazards, Limited, a certified safety professional, and a registered professional engineer. At the National Safety Council, he is a member of the Advisory Committee to the Institute for Safety Through Design, and is also a member of the editorial board at the American Society of Safety Engineers. He was awarded the honor of Fellow by the American Society of Safety Engineers, and has been inducted into the Safety and Health Hall of Fame International.