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Women's Employment in Europe

Trends and Prospects

Jill Rubery, Mark Smith og Colette Fagan

Routledge 1999, 350 s., ISBN 0-415-19854-2

Based on extensive original research, this volume examines contemporary patterns of women's employment in Europe in the context of the profound economic, social and cultural changes that have taken place in recent years. It considers the progress made towards equal treatment in the labour market in the light of European Union action programmes, and examines the prospects for women's employment under the fourth action programme. The authors conclude that progress towards equal treatment will only occur when gender issues are fully integrated into the European Commission's employment and labour market policies. This is the only book which analyses current employment research from all 15 EU members.

Author Biography:
Jill Rubery is Professor of Comparative Employment Systems at the Manchester School of Managment, UMIST. From 1991-1996 she was the co-ordinator of the European Commission's network of experts on the situation of women in the labour market. Mark Smith is a Research Associate and Honorary Lecturer at the Manchester School of Management, UMIST. Colette Fagan is a lecturer in Sociology at the University of Manchester and an Honorary Research Fellow at the European Work and Employment Centre, UMIST. She recently co-edited Part-time Prospects: an International Comparison of Part-time Work in Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim, also published by Routledge. All three jointly wrote Women in European Employment, (Routledge, 1998).