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Globalization and Labour Relations

Peter Leisink

Edward Elgar, Cheltenham 1999. ISBN 1 85898 669 9, 259 s.

‘Globalization and Labour Relations provides a wealth of empirical data and bibliographic material which should be of great use to labor specialists and union organizers as they navigate an increasingly global labor market.’ – Journal of International Law and Politics
‘Economic globalization is a much discussed topic but most of the writing on this subject has focused exclusively on either financial or industrial capital. Although the impact of perceived globalization on labour has received some attention in the specialist industrial relations literature there is no book-length study, covering all aspects of labour relations. The volume edited by Leisink thus provides a valuable service, filling a yawning gap in the globalization literature. The authors are united in their attempt to tip the balance in the globalization discourse away from a one-sided focus on efficiency towards greater equity for labour but nevertheless assess labour’s chances in a very sober manner. The book is sure to be adopted widely for courses on both globalization and labour relations.’
– Christel Lane, Univeristy of Cambridge, UK

This important book presents an in-depth analysis of the neo-liberal viewpoint on globalization and its impact on labour relations. The policies of states and multinational corporations as well as their effects are analysed from the perspectives of international political economy, institutional economics, cultural studies and industrial relations.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents:
1. Introduction 2. Globalization – Frequently Asked Questions and Some Surprising Answers 3. Towards the Denaturing of Class Relations? 4. In the Name of ‘Globalization’ 5. Imagined Solidarities 6. Fragmenting the Internal Labour Market 7. Global Logistic Chains 8. The International Restructuring of the Media Industries 9. Work Reorganization in a Globalized Mining Industry 10. Australia’s Historic Industrial Relations Transition Index
Contributors: L. Beukema, H. Coenen, P. Du Gay, S. Heycock, P. Hirst, R. Hyman, R. Lambert, P. Leisink, J. Rubery, G. Thompson, J. Vilrokx