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Life, work, and learning

practice and postmodernity

David Beckett og Paul Hager

London, Routledge, 2002, 210 s. ; ISBN 0-415-16189-4
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In both paid and unpaid work contexts adults learn powerfully from their experiences. In this book, the authors argue that this should be the basis for a new perception of what is truly educative about life. Drawing on the works of Aristotle, Wittgenstein and Russell, along with contemporary conceptual work, they use both philosophical argument and empirical example to establish their view.
This work will be of essential interest to philosophers of education and educational theorists worldwide. It will also interest teachers, trainers, facilitators, and all those with an interest in adult and vocational education.

Part I: Describing the Richness of Practice
1. Introduction: Life in the Swamp
2. Know How: Practice at Close Quarters
3. Practical Judgement: The Basis of Embodied, Situated Practice
4. Policies and Contexts: The Socio-Cultural Shaping of Practice
Part II: Theorising Practices
5. Introduction: Celebrating the Swamp
6. Practice at Work and Informal Learning
7. Holism/Organicism: Epistemological Implications of Practice-Based Learning at Work
8. Conceptualising Practice in Postmodernity
9. Know-How and Judgement in Postmodernity