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Welfare Regimes and the Experience of Unemployment in Europe

Duncan Gallie og Serge Paugam

Oxford University Press, 2000, 374 s. samt bilag ISBN 0-19-828039-4 eller 0-19-829797-1 (pbk.)

  • 'This book is a comprehensive study of unemployment experiences in Europe, both in terms of its thematic variety and the number of countries included. The results are based on representative micro data comparable between all countries studied. The authors make efficient use of this information using state of the art statistical methodology. There is no doubt that this study advances our understanding of the social regulation of unemployment' -European Sociological Review 18/06/2002

Over the last twenty years, most countries have experienced periods of high unemployment. While in all countries, this had led to increased poverty and personal distress, the severity of the effects of unemployment have been very different from one society to another. This book provides for the first time clear evidence about the way in which the nature of the welfare arrangements in a country, together with its family and friendship patterns, can affect the risk that unemployment leads to social exclusion.

Readership: Scholars and students of sociology, business, sociology, social policy, European studies, labour studies, economics, policy analysts, and policy makers.

  • 1 Duncan Gallie and Serge Paugam: The Experience of Unemployment in Europe: The Debate
  • 2 Richard Hauser and Brian Nolan: Unemployment and Poverty: Change over Time
  • 3 Duncan Gallie, Sheila Jacobs and Serge Paugam: Poverty and Financial Hardship among the Unemployed
  • 4 Ivano Bison and Gosta Esping-Andersen: Unemployment and Income Packaging among European Youth
  • 5 Brian Nolan, Richard Hauser and Jean-Paul Zoyem: The Changing Effects of Social Protection on Poverty
  • 6 Duncan Gallie and Susanne Alm: Unemployment, Gender and Attitudes to Work
  • 7 Philippe De Vreyer, Richard Layte, Maarten Wolbers and Azhar Hussain: The Permanent Effects of Labour Market Entry in Times of High Unemployment
  • 8 Richard Layte, Henrik Levin, Azhar Hussain and Maarten Wolbers: Unemployment and Cumulative Disadvantage in the Labour Market
  • 9 Lisbeth Pedersen, Hanne Weise, Sheila Jacobs and Michael White: Poverty and the Employment of Lone Mothers
  • 10 # Paolo Barbieri, with Serge Paugam and Helen Russell: Social Capital and Exits from Unemployment
  • 11 Fabrizio Bernardi, Richard Layte, Antonio Schizzerotto and Sheila Jacobs: Who Exits Unemployment? Institutional Features, Individual Characteristics and Chances of Getting a Job. A Comparison of Britain and Italy
  • 12 Serge Paugam and Helen Russell: The Effects of Employment Precarity and Unemployment on Social Isolation
  • 13 Paul M. de Graaf and Wout C. Ultee: United in Employment, United in Unemployment? Employment and Unemployment of Couples in the European Union
  • 14 Christopher Whelan and Frances McGinnity: Unemployment and Psychological Well-Being
  • 15 Helen Russell and Paolo Barbieri: Gender and the Experience of Unemployment
  • 16 Torben Fridberg and Niels Ploug: Public Attitudes to Unemployment in Different Welfare Regimes
  • Duncan Gallie and Serge Paugam: The Social Regulation of Unemployment