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The change agents

Liz Nickles

New York, St. Martin's Press, 2001, 270 s. ISBN 0-312-27535-8
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

Nickles (Hype), a strategic brand and marketing consultant, offers an overview of today's employees, focusing on younger workers. The Internet has changed workplace expectations dramatically, says Nickles; everyone expects answers and results instantly, and 24/7 availability. However, some younger workers demand more of and listen less to their seniors. These traits aren't necessarily negative, depending on employers' perspective. Nowadays, employees stay at one company while they're enjoying themselves, then move on, unconcerned about having too many jobs on their resumes. Despite overabundant dot-com anecdotes and scarce examples from traditional companies, Nickles's insights will enlighten managers and HR professionals.