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Employment Revival in Europe

Labour Market Success in Austria, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands

Peter Auer

ILO, Geneve 2000, 140 s. ISBN 92-2-110841-4

A review of the remarkable economic and labour market recovery made by four small European countries: Austria, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands. It analyzes their success and highlights the specific factors responsible, in particular the promotion of social dialogue and the institution of critical macroeconomic and labour market policies. Based on reports prepared for the European country employment policy reviews (CEPR) as a follow-up to the 1995 World Summit on Social Development, the study covers gender gaps, the sectoral distribution of employment and the shares of people which are dependent on social transfers. While assessing the progress and examining the remaining problems in these four countries, the book compares their progress with that of other EU countries and examines how similar policies and action could help combat unemployment and make progress towards full employment.