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The Realities of Human Resource Management

Managing the Employment Relationship

Keith Sisson og John Storey

Open University Press, Buckingham 2000, 286 sider. ISBN 0-335-20620-4

This text provides a succinct analysis of themes and topics relevent to the management of human resources. It covers such issues of critical contemporary importance as restructuring, continuous improvement, involvement and participation, pay and working time, training and development, recruitment and selection. It also looks at the implications o f contextual changes such as the signing of the "social chapter" of the EU Maastricht Treaty, and movement towards European Economic and Monetary Union. Three features in particular distinguish this volume: it deals with the individual and the collective aspects of managing the employment relationship; in analysing thinking in both areas, it takes account of the large body of empirical research that is available and identifies what it all means for the practitioner; and the distinctive style gives it an immediacy.