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Changing Times

Work and Leisure in Postindustrial Society

Jonathan Gershuny

Oxford University Press 2000. 304 sider. ISBN 0-19-828787-9.

Is there a 'speed-up' of daily life? Have the best-off members of developed societies lost their leisure? Have women won their jobs but kept their housework? Changing Times seeks to answer these and similar questions, putting together, for the first time, evidence of changing time-use patterns drawn from forty large-scale surveys, from twenty countries in Western Europe, North America, and Australia, covering the last third of the twentieth century.
Readership: Sociologists and economists interested in the way that people use their time and the effect that this has on consumption patterns and economic relations.

  • 1 An Introduction, and a First Summary
  • 2 Work and Leisure: Historical Change in the Conditions of Life
  • 3 Are We Running out of Time?
  • 4 The Individual's and the Society's Day: Micro and Macro Theories of Time Use
  • 5 The History and Future of Time Use: Empirical Evidence
  • 6 Explaining Time Use
  • 7 A Concise Atlas of Time Use: 20 Countries, 33 Years' Change
  • 8 Time-Use Models of Economic Development
  • 9 Humane Modernization
  • Appendix 1. Telling the Time: Some Reflections on Time-Diary Methodology
  • Jonathan Gershuny, Kimberly Fisher, Anne Gauthier, Sally Jones, and Patrick Baert: Appendix 2. A Longitudinal, Multinational Collection of Time-Use Data: The MTUS