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Death of the spirit in the American workplace

Seth Allcorn

Westport, Conn., Quorum Books, 2001, 189 s. ISBN 1-56720-488-0
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There's more to work and the life of the organization than just numbers. In his new book on how people function in work settings, Allcorn calls it the human spirit. It too contributes to the life and performance of organizations, but life itself it can die--or be killed. Allcorn argues that changes in how organizations are managed--downsizing, rightsizing, reengineering, and other catastrophic means--can have an unintended but devastating result. These factors can cause spiritual death--the end of that quality in people that keeps them alive, growing, and productive.

About the Author
SETH ALLCORN is a principal of DyAD, a consulting firm specializing in organizational development and management, in Asheville, NC. Author of eight books on management and organizational life and numerous articles, he holds an MBA and a doctorate in Higher and Adult Education. His most recent books for Quorum are: Managing People During Stressful Times (1997), The Human Cost of a Management Failure (1996), and Anger in the Workplace (1994).