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Working for McDonald's in Europe

The Unequal Struggle?

Tony Royle

Routledge 2000, London. 248 s. ISBN 0-415-20787-8

By providing a detailed analysis of the extent to which the McDonald's Corporation adapts or imposes its labour relations policies in Europe, this volume represents a real life case study revealing the interaction between a global multi-national enterprise and the regulatory systems of a number of different European countries.
Key areas of consideration include:
* the McDonald's Corporation's development and structure
* analysis of its corporate culture and franchising
* key union strategies, including systems of co-determination, consultation and collective-bargaining
* European legislation, in particular the McDonald's European Works Council

1. Liberalism, Collectivism and the Multinational Corporation: In the ring: liberalism versus collectivism, Regulating employment rights in mulinationals, Clarifying some concepts, Research issues and questions, Outline of the book 2. Welcome to Big Mac; From small acorns..., Enter the salesman, Exporting 'McBurgers', The problems of international expansion, Structure and organisation in the European market 3. The Corporate Paradox: McDonald's and its Franchise System; The growth of the franchise, The McDonald's franchise system, Financial costs and the application process, Outsiders and insiders, 'Traiters within': the MOA, Imposing uniformity, The distinction between the franchisee and the company restaurant manager, Capital expenditure, Franchises: working the employees harder? Appointment, promotion, recruitment and training, Staffing levels, pay and conditions, The franchise operator: employer or employee? 4. McDonald's at Work; McWork, Managing control and consent at McDonald's, Managing subjectivity, McCulture, Labour turnover, Part-time work, Workforce characteristics, Foreign workers, 'Coasters' and ethnic minorities, McJobs, Previous work experience, Recruited acquiescence? 5. There's No Place Like Home: the Impact of Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining Frameworks; McDonald's and the unions in North America, It's cold outside: McDonald's and the unions around the world, Trade unions and collective bargaining in Europe, McDonald's and the European unions, 'Do it your way' Ireland and the UK, Unions in the centre: Germany, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands, Unions in the south: France, Spain and Italy, Unions in the north: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, Explaining low membership, Management attitudes towards unions, Franchises: the benefits of small operations, Workforce characteristics and workers' attitudes, It's not always high labour turnover and young workers, Explaining variation in union membership levels 6. 'Co-determination? What the Hell is That!?'; Understanding 'participation', 'McParticipation', Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Re-regulating statutory workplace representation 7. For a Few Dollars More: Pay and Conditions; McDonald's performance pay system, Comparing basic pay, Overtime and additional rates for unsociable hours, 'For a fist full of dollars': executive pay, Probation period and notice for dismissals, Holiday entitlements, Conclusion and discussion 8. Where's the Beef? The European Works Council; The EWC directive. Establishing the McDonald's EWC, Who is an 'employee representative'?, Electing the 'employee' representatives, Electing the German EWC representative, EWC meetings and agendas, The second meeting: amending the agreement, The amended agreement, The third meeting, Co-ordinating an employee-side strategy?, Pre-meetings, Inadequate sanctions?, The EWC as an unrepresentative and ineffective 'talking shop' 9. Conclusion; Reviewing the findings, Promoting the cause of economic liberalism?, Economic liberalism, European industrial relations and convergence, Collectivism versus the 'McRegulation' of society