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Managing Knowledge

Critical Investigations of Work and Learning

Craig Prichard, Richard Hull, Mike Chumer og Hugh Willmoth

Macmillan Business, London, 2000, 228 s. ISBN 0-333-92157-7 (paperback)

Aimed at MBA students, postgraduates and advanced level undergraduates, this text questions the naive, self interested and popularised messages that surround knowledge work and knowledge management. Case studies highlight the politics of new communications technologies which are frequently offered as a means for managing knowledge in the workplace.

Knowledge Managers: History and Challenges; C.McInerney & D.LeFevre
Intellectual Capital: Managing by Numbers; A.Yakhlef & M.Salzer-Morling
Bugged: The Software Development Process; L.Baxter
Knowledge Management and the Conduct of Expert Labour; R.Hull
Safe Enclaves, Political Enclaves & Knowledge Working; N.Hayes & G.Walsham
Intranets & Knowledge Management: De-centred Technologies & the Limits of Intellectual Discourse; S.Newell, H.Scarbrough, J.Swan & D.Hislop
The Bearable Lightness of Control; Organisational Reflexivity and the Politics of Knowledge Management; A.McKinlay
Human Capitals or Capitalising on Humanity? Knowledge and Skills in Interactive Service Work; C.Warhurst, P.Thompson and G.Callaghan
Re-Pairing Knowledge Worker and Service Worker: A Critical Autobiography of Stepping into the Shoes of My Other; D.Lander
Knowledge Workers R Us: Academics, Practitioners and the Specific Intellectual; D.Jones
Know, Learn and Share! The Knowledge Phenomena and the Construction of a Communicative and Knowledge Consumptive Body; C.Prichard
Theorising Knowledge as Work: The Need for a 'Knowledge Theory of Value';
Responses to R.Jacques' 'Theorising Knowledge as Work'
Roy Jacques Writes Back

Author Biographies:
CRAIG PRICHARD is Senior Lecturer in Management at Massey University, New Zealand.

RICHARD HULL is Senior Lecturer in Management, The Business School

University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

MIKE CHUMER is Lecturer in Library & Information Sciences, Rutgers University, USA.

HUGH WILLMOTT is Professor of Organisational Analysis, Manchester School of Management, UK.