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Gender and Power in the Work Place

Analysing the Impact of Economic Change

Harriet Bradley

MacMillan Press, 1999, 250 s. ISBN 0-333-68178-9

This work explores the changing dynamics of gender and class and the interaction between them as they impact on relations between men and women in the workplace. Setting case study material from a range of different organizations (a National Health Service trust, a clearing bank, a supermarket, a chemicals factory and a civil service agency) within a conceptual and theoretical framework, it presents a picture of tensions and power conflicts at work as workers struggle to make sense of their experience in a period of rapid economic change. This is intended as a supplementary text for undergraduate students of sociology (courses on Sociology of Work, Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Inequality), undergraduate and postgraduate students of Women's Studies (courses on Women and Work), and undergraduate students of organization studies (courses on Work and Employment and on Equal Opportunity). IT should also be useful to postgraduate students in the above areas.