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The dynamics of full employment

social integration through transitional labour markets

Günther Schmid og Bernard Gazier

Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, 2002, 443 s. ; (Labour markets and employment policy) ; ISBN 1-84064-281-5

Persistent unemployment is recognized as one of the main mechanisms of social and political exclusion. "The Dynamics of Full Employment" provides a new and fresh approach to the question of full employment in contemporary society. It offers an internationally comparative, interdisciplinary approach to the dynamics of full employment and views the labour market not only as an economic institution, but as a social one. The authors argue that transitional markets - defined as legitimate, negotiated and politically supported sets of mobility options - are becoming essential ingredients of successful employment policies in modern societies. Social integration through participation in the labour market should not exclude productive activity in other spheres of life. The authors attempt to enhance the understanding, through empirical evidence, of the dynamics of modern labour markets and the theoretical foundation of transitional labour markets. They also aim to determine which arrangements (via institutional, legal and social security frameworks) might best be able to prevent or relieve structural unemployment. This book should be of interest to both academics and policymakers in the fields of public policy and labour market and employment policy in particular.