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European Labour Law

Ruth Nielsen

DJØF Publishing, 2000. 466 s. ISBN: 87-574-0327-9

This book compares national labour law, EU labour law and international labour law.

The purpose is to analyse the actual and potential effect of EU labour law upon the labour law systems of the Member States of the European Union. There is particular emphasis on the Nordic countries, England, Germany and France.

The book covers a number of substantive topics affecting labour, such as the fundamental rights of workers, free movement of persons, discrimination, the contract of employment, collective labour law and the working environment.

Dr. Ruth Nielsen is Professor of Law at the Law Department, Copenhagen Business School.


  • Analytic Framework
  • Sources
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Employment Contracts
  • Gender Equality
  • Free Movement
  • Discrimination in General
  • Restructering of Enterprises
  • Working Environment
  • Enforcement
  • Bibliography
  • Case List