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Working Classes

Global Realities

Leo Panitch og Collin Leys

Socialist Register 2001, Merlin Press, London 2000

The Socialist Register 2001 looks at class realities and the lives of workers in the new century.
Twenty original and wide-ranging essays lay the grounds for a much-needed revival of class analysis, exploring such themes as the making of a 'cybertariat', the spread of unstable, casual, and contingent employment, the changes women have wrought in the working classes, the relationship between workers 'north' and 'south', the persistence of 'peasantries', the growing significance of migrant workers, and new strategies for change which can transcend the limits of old forms of class organization and politics.
Regionally-focused essays address the challenges faced by workers and labour movements in India, Iran, Russia, Brazil, Southern Africa and East Asia, as well as Europe and North America.
Contributors: Judith Adler Hellman, Giovanni Arrighi, Huw Benyon, Patrick Bond, Sam Gindin, Nandini Gooptu, Gerard Greenfield, Barbara Hariss-White, Rohini Hensman, Ursula Huws, Steve Jeffreys, Peter Kwong, David Mandel, Eric Mann, Darlene Miller, Haideh Moghissi, Leo Panitch, Justin Paulson, Saeed Rahnema, Jorge Ramalho, Andrew Ross, Greg Ruiters, Beverley J. Silver, Rosemary Warskett, Brigitte Young.