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European unions in the wake of flexible production

papers presented at the Tenth European congress on Work organizational psychology in Prague 2001

Magnus Sverke, Johnny Hellgren, Antonio Chirumbolo, Hans De Witte, Sjoerd Goslilnga og Katharina Näswall

SALTSA Report 2001:1. Stockholm: National Institute for Working Life & SALTSA
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

Technical report on the data sets used in a SALTSA project Over the past decades, organisations in most industrialised countries have been involved in restructuring, layoffs and “right sizing” in their attempts to reduce labour costs and improve competitiveness. For employees, such “flexibilisation” often involves more intermittent employment relations or a perception of uncertainty concerning the continued existence of one’s job. The present paper provides information on a European comparative project with the overall aim of shedding light on the labour unions’ roles in addressing the consequences of the intensified flexibilisation of the labour market.