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Ethical business leadership

balancing theory and practice

Sherwin Klein

New York, Peter Lang, 2002, 132 s. ; (Studies in theoretical and applied ethics 9) ISBN 0-8204-5710-8
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The concept of ethical business leadership is clarified in part by the notion of a Platonic philosophical statesman. It is clarified further in a discussion of a quixotified Sancho Panza (Sancho educated by Don Quixote) as a managerial statesman and in an analysis of Aristotelian ethical business leadership and corporate culture. In his discussion of ethical business leadership, Sherwin Klein strikes a balance between an overly idealistic and theoretical view of this concept and a narrowly practical and realistic one. Moreover, he argues that Aristotelian virtue ethics provides business leaders with a better account of ethical decision-making and a more balanced business ethic than does modern ethical theory.