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National Labour Relations in Internationalized Markets

A comparative study of institutions, change, and performance

Franz Traxler, Sabine Blaschke og Bernhard Kittel

Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2001. 339 sider. ISBN 0198295545

  • 'Traxler and his colleagues have set a benchmark for the close and unreleting analysis of data ... some important lessons emerge' -European Sociological Review

This book presents and examines evidence and theories about changing patterns of industrial relations and their links to convergence on the one hand, and economic competitiveness on the other. It includes a comprehensive set of comparable date on industrial relations in twenty OECD countries including Australia, the United States, Canada, Japan, and most leading European countries.
Readership: Academic: Scholars and students in the fields of political science, industrial relations, sociology, labour economics, and jurisprudence; Practitioner: Political scientists, sociologists, economists, jurists, and practitioners in social policy and industrial relations.

  • Part One: The Theoretical and Methodological Framework of Analysis
  • 1 Theoretical Perspectives on Internationalization, Performance, and Institutions
  • 2 Concepts and Hypotheses
  • 3 Measurement, Data, and Statistical Analysis
  • Part Two: The Organization of Interests: Patterns and Dynamics
  • 4 Concepts and Hypotheses
  • 5 Representational Domains
  • 6 Associational Centralization
  • 7 Associational Power
  • Part Three: Wage Regulation and Bargaining
  • 8 Concepts and Hypotheses
  • 9 The Levels of Bargaining
  • 10 Macroeconomic Wage Coordination
  • 11 The Role of the State
  • 12 The Coverage of Collective Bargaining
  • Part Four: Labour Relations and Economic Performance
  • 13 Concepts and Hypotheses
  • 14 The Organization of Interests
  • 15 Wage Regulation
  • 16 Labour Relations and their Interaction with Economic Policy
  • 17 Performance and Labour Relations: Hypotheses and Evidence Revisited
  • Part Five: Instead of Convergence: Neoliberalism and Lean Corporatism as Alternatives
  • 18 Internationalization, Performance, and the Prevalence of Path Dependency
  • 19 Collective Action and Bargaining in Internationalized Markets
  • 20 Coordination, Institutions, and Performance
  • 21 The Metamorphoses of Labour Relations