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Labour law in an era of globalization

transformative practices and possibilities

Joanne Conaghan, Richard Michael Fischl og Karl Klare

Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2001, 550 s. ISBN 0-19-924247-X
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Throughout the industrial world, the discipline of labor law has fallen into deep philosophical and policy crisis, at the same time as new theoretical approaches make it a field of considerable intellectual ferment. Modern labor law evolved in a symbiotic relationship with a postwar institutional and policy agenda, the social, economic and political underpinnings of which have gradually eroded in the context of accelerating international economic integration and wage-competition. These essays - which are the product of a transnational comparative dialog among academics and practitioners in labor law and related legal fields, including social security, immigration, trade, and development - identify, analyze, and respond to some of the conceptual and policy challenges posed by globalization.