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Human Nature and Organization Theory

On the Economic Approach to Institutional Organization

Sigmund Wagner-Tsukamoto

Edward Elgar 2003, 288 s. ISBN: 1840647140
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In "Human Nature and Organization Theory", Sigmund Wagner-Tsukamoto challenges the conventional wisdom that (organizational) economics is an amoral and empirically incorrect science. He treads new ground regarding the behavioural portrayal of human nature in organization theory. The book focuses on the works of Taylor, Simon and Williamson, reconstructing methods and variables of their organization theories in non-behavioural, institutional economic terms. Implications for institutional economic theory building and practical intervention are outlined. The book suggests that the image of human nature in organizational economics has to be deduced from theoretical and practical outcomes of economic analysis rather than from methods of economic analysis. If this is considered, organizational economics can make considerable moral claims, since it can generate socially desirable interaction outcomes even in the face of pluralism. The volume is designed to appeal to a wide cross-section of organizational researchers, and also deserves to be widely read by economists, business ethics researchers and business historians.

Introduction 1. A Question of Method and Approach: In Search of Human Nature in Social Science Research on Institutional Organization? Part I: Different Approaches to Industrial Organization: On the Relevance of Portraying Human Nature in Economics and in Behavioural Sciences 2. The Economic Approach to Institutional Organization: The Incentive-compatibility of the Situation, Contribution-distribution Interactions, and Interest Equilibration 3. Behavioural Approaches to Institutional Organization: Analyzing Behaviour Through a ‘Science of Human Nature’ Part II: Putting the Question of Human Nature into Perspective: An Institutional Economic Reconstruction of Organization Theory 4. In Search of Organizational Economics: Taylor’s, Simon’s, and Williamson’s Conceptualization of Institutional Organization 5. Conceptualizing Skills Utilization: Modelling Human Capital as Boundedly Rational or as Asset Specific? 6. Conceptualizing the Evolution of Institutional Organization: Economics of Environmental Change or a Behavioural Discovery Process of ‘True’ Human Nature? 7. Conceptualizing Motivation and Decision-making in Organizational Economics: Research Heuristics or the Portrayal of ‘Human Nature As We Know It’? 8. Concluding Discussion: The End of Ethics or Is Economics the Better Moral Science? Bibliography