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Moral Leadership in Action

Building and Sustaining Moral Competence in European Organizations (NHIL)

Heidi von Weltzien Hiovik

Edward Elgar 2003, 352 s. ISBN: 1843763338
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

The theme of this book is moral leadership in action as it manifests itself implicitly and explicitly in European business organizations. We understand leadership as interplay among people at all levels within organizations and also within the economic system by which people are bound together through particular forms of interaction.
The contributions collected in this volume mirror the plurality of approaches we find in the theoretical writings of academics in different European countries. The additional business cases from six different nations show how leaders actually have adopted and integrated working with values in their own organizations, i.e. how they put moral leadership into action. While the selected papers are not meant to be representative of each country, particular economic and cultural traditions are apparent in both thinking and managing moral leadership. The contributors, by presenting this emerging multicultural pattern of Europe, contribute to a better and more knowledgeable understanding of how European business leaders pursue their goals.

M. Becerra, L. Bouckaert, T. Brytting, S. Cludts, J. Collier, R. Esteban, W.W. Gasparski, S. Grabner-Kräuter, E.J. Harrigan, L. Huemer, G. Hütter, I. Kavathatzopoulos, C.A. Larsen, H.-B. Loosdregt, J.F. Lozano, E. O’Higgins, V.C. Petersen, G.M. Reichberg, E. Schnebel, F. Seidel, B. Seitz, A.J.G. Sison, L.J. Spence, H. von Weltzien Hoivik