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Regulating Working-time

Transitions In Europe

Jacqueline O'Reilly

Edward Edgar 2003 ca 352 s. ISBN 1 84064 622 5
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Jacqueline O’Reilly’s book discusses the political and policy debates concerning reforms to the regulation of working-time transitions in France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK. It examines respective national debates in terms of regulating working-time flexibility, the impact and reform of social policy in facilitating or hindering labour market transition; and concludes with an analysis of future developments together with a summary of working-time regulations in each country. The contributors to this volume have provided an invaluable in-depth summary of the institutional set up governing working-time transitions in the labour market. In addition, the identify the general trends and problems facing European labour markets, and summarise some of the main issues derived from the national reports, concluding with an indication of the direction future research is likely to take. Outlining the changes that have occurred in the regulatory institutional framework shaping working time transitions in recent years, this book will be invaluable to academics with an interest in labour market policy. The book will be also strongly appeal to labour market policymakers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents: Foreword by Günther Schmid 1. Introduction 2. Working-time Transitions in Sweden 3. Regulating Working-time Transitions in Germany 4. Negotiated Flexibility, Working-time and Transitions in the Netherlands 5. Working Times in France: Institutional Methods of Regulating and New Practices 6. Flexibility in the Spanish Labour Market: Working-time and Temporary Employment 7. Working-time Flexibility in Ireland 8. Re-regulating Transitions? Continuity and Change in the UK Index Contributors include: D. Anxo, S. Bothfeld, J.-Y. Boulin, I. Cebrián, M.A.D.V. Hernanz, M. Lallement, F. McGinnity, G. Moreno, P. O’Connell, J. O’Reilly, H. Russell, R. Silvera, M. Smith, D. Storrie, J. Visser